Why Fizzy Wine?

After making a cider with some winemaker mates this year, we tried a couple of different techniques to obtain fizziness. We gassed the cider as a still product – similar to many of the commercial products available around the traps. We also made a small portion in a more ‘méthode traditionelle‘ way, allowing the juice to fully undergo initial ferment and then adding sugar before bottling. When I took the samples of both styles around to show my mates, none of them had any idea that you could produce bubbles in a cider/wine in any other way than just ‘adding gas’. They were however able to taste the differences between the two and had a mixed opinion on which they preferred. This got the cogs ticking about a potential unfiltered event but I let it slide at the time, probably owing to the fact that the cider was almost 13% ABV.

6 months down the track, I’ve been getting asked why we’ve decided to run an event dedicated solely to sparkling wines. There’s a couple of good reasons:

1.       I love champagne. Its increasingly becoming my wine of choice for any occasion of merit.

2.       Most people that I speak to aren’t aware that there are multiple ways to create ‘bubbles’ in a wine – surprisingly, the Wikipedia article on ways to obtain fizz in wine is actually pretty solid - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparkling_wine_production

3.       Sparkling wine sales are growing in Australia and drinkers are pretty eager to explore wines from producers other than the multinationals - http://m.goodfood.com.au/good-food/drink/australia-is-importing-a-recordbreaking-amount-of-champagne-20160310-gnflnm.html#ixzz42XfRwt8s

4.       The variation across the category is profound and often ignored. People seem to focus on the idea that a wine is sparkling and then ignore variety, region, vintage etc

So, with these points in mind, the #sparklingsoiree idea was born. The plan is to show sparkling wines from around the world in an attempt to highlight the differences in a sparkling wine based on variety, region, vintage/non-vintage and most interestingly (I think) the method in which the bubbles are made.

We’re going to show less wines than our WA Cabernet event to allow us to really focus on high quality wines that express the particular attributes that we’re trying to highlight.

We’re going to periodically release the names of the producers/wines that we’ll be showing. Rowey has already let the cat out of the bag on the countries and a couple of the wines. Stay tuned to the Instagram and Facebook pages for the most recent updates:

Andreola ‘Verv’ Prosecco Extra Dry NV

Smithbrook ’Yilgarn’ Blanc de Blanc 2011

Segura Viudas Gran Cuvee Reserva  NV -

Cloudy Bay Pelorus NV

Graham Beck Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut NV

Delamotte Brut NV 

Cheers and see you soon