Done and dusted..

So…. A #sparklingsoiree is done and dusted. Just like that.

Given that I had the somewhat enviable task of pouring and talking about the wines (albeit one handed), it seems only fair that I provide a summary of the feedback about the wines that were offered.

I’ve abbreviated the wine names primarily because I'm going to get tempted to have a glass if I have to type them out in their entirety… and its only 11am….

Andreola ‘Verv’ Prosecco – probably the most popular wine on the night. Appealed to the broadest range of unfiltered guests and had the highest amount of retail sales by quite a significant margin. Why? Its delicious, fruit driven, lively but still a dry wine and Prosecco is oh so hot right now

Cloudy Bay Pelorus – I thought that this wine looked pretty awesome in the lineup. It was sweet vindication to see people recognising that cloudy bay is best known for Sauv Blanc but that a cooler climate like that of NZ should be A1 for growing sparkling base. A pretty great example of middle of the road sparkling, it wasn’t too rich or bready and certainly isn’t some little insipid acid bomb either. Good juice.

Segura Viudas Gran Reserva – This wine, alongside the Graham Beck probably didn't grab people’s attention as much as I would have expected. Perhaps its because we started strong with the Andreola, perhaps the unknown grape varieties, perhaps its because Cava hasn’t really marked out an identity for itself with Australian drinkers. Who knows. Safe to say that everybody enjoyed the wine, it just didn’t cause people to tip entire bottles all over their heads like Rowey does when he loves a wine.

Graham Beck Chard Pinot – Well well well… our South African Chard Pinot. This was always going to be a challenge because for whatever reason, it seems that Aussie drinkers are predisposed to see wines from SA (not south Australia) as of low quality. I liked the wine for the richness and the point of difference that we were able to show from a climatic point of view. Similar to the Cava, it was enjoyed, just not as much as some of the others.

Delamotte Brut – my favourite wine of the night and the second favourite of our lovely punters from their feedback. Not showing the pricing of the wines up front was probably a good thing as it allowed everybody to make an assessment of their favourite wine purely based on taste. I think the fineness and minerality of this wine really showed through and despite a bit of bready richness it really did show up on the night to highlight why the French wines command a higher price.

Smithbrook The Yilgarn – This was always going to be the black sheep in the line-up. Vintage, single varietal, local, completely unknown and shown at the end of a pretty broad range of wines. Interestingly this wine was purchased at a rate just behind that of the Andreola so obviously those who loved it, wanted it. It was starting to show some pretty funky, interesting developed characteristics which I really enjoyed. The crowd were a mixed bag on ‘digging the vibe’ or not.  Some were more than happy to move back to a more preferred option from earlier tasting while others stayed on the Yilgarn for the remainder of the night. As with all unfiltered events, there was ample booze to go around so second, third, fifth and fifteenth tastings weren’t out of the ordinary (all provided with the utmost adherence the responsible service of alcohol of course).

So, what does it all mean? Prosecco is still appealing to a predominantly female audience? French Champagne still commands its position at the top of the tree? Cava is a potential undiscovered gem? Are these all potentially completely ignorant statements? Quite possibly! However I’m only a chap trying to give a wrap up of what was a really successful event.

Now. On to the most serious of matters…. Pinot Noir.

I love Pinot as much as Rowey loves RomComs (and that is saying a WHOLE lot). I pretty regularly try and subtly sneak him a glass of Pinot when he comes over for a meal and drag him away from his unashamed love of Margaret River Cabernet. Thus, a #sneakypinot will be the next event.

Pinot is the great divider in my opinion, there’s people who are wild for it (me) and people who are yet to be convinced (Rowey). We’re starting to put the wheels in motion about a bigger event, with more wine, battles both across and within countries, a quick discovery into the ‘Cru’ system in France and as always, loads of canapes created to complement the wines.

We’re always looking for more ways to make the unfiltered experience as good as it can possibly be and would welcome feedback from a #sparklingsoiree or ideas about a #sneakypinot.

Given that Rowey is the reliable one, direct emails to him at or sling us a line on facebook.

Finally, these events don’t happen without our fantastic guests, we love doing these events and will continue to do so while we have such fantastic responses from attendees. A massive massive thank you to all who were involved and all who came along.

Til a #sneakypinot, take care