Time Flies....

So…. It’s been 2 months since my last blog post. How time flies when you’re drinking wine.

 Anyway. The last 8 weeks have been absolutely insane. Rowey and I both went on wine junkets (him to South Australia, me to the US and Canada), we’ve had corporate events coming out of our ears and perhaps, most importantly, we’re finalising the plans for our next big event #Sneakypinot - http://unfilteredwineclub.com.au/sneakypinot/

Suffice to say that the response to an event focussed solely on Pinot Noir has been nothing short of amazing. We added an early bird ticket to this event and these were snapped up with in a matter of days from release. We’ve already had to increase the number of wines on offer again from our original plan due to the number of people who will be attending and we’re still over three weeks away!

 While all of this has been happening, I’ve been trying to train for a marathon. Because of this, I’ve obviously been tasting (drinking) loads to help me get through. I’ve had a couple of absolute standout wines recently and figured I’d actually write a semi-serious tasting note for a change about one in particular.

 2016 Alkoomi ‘Melaleuca’ Icon Riesling

Had a crack at this pre-release and holy smokes it’s so so good. The Frankland River was ravaged by sheets of hail just prior to the 2015 vintage and the bulk of vineyards in the region were absolutely decimated. The 2016 had no such complications and to tie in with the 40th anniversary of the original plantings on the estate, they’re released a new wine in the Icon range. This single vineyard Riesling isn’t your typical Frankland River limes/sherbet although these characters do exist, its more interesting than that. It has a nose like talcum powder/white minerals and those little white flowers your citrus tree shoots before fruit forms. The palate is ultra-complex with layers that start with citrus, move to refreshing acid, and then finish with this amazing phenolic texture that I’ve never seen in a Frankland Riesling before. If you can’t tell how much I enjoyed this wine by how verbose I’m being then I’ll put it clearly: IT’S AWESOME, plus, it’ll live in a decent cellar for years and years and years

 I’ll endeavour to have a new blog up more regularly with what I’ve been trying, and enjoying of late. Until then, looking forward to seeing our biggest ever crowd at a Sneakypinot on July 20th