Musings from Crawfs

After the excitement of #Sneakypinot Rowey and I thought we were going to have the rest of the winter off so that we could (slowly) plan our next structured event. Suffice to say, we had a couple of learnings to take from the Pinot event to think about and factor in, one being the spacing of wines across a larger area. I believe that we had almost all other aspects pretty well covered including loads of staff, almost 7 Kg of cheese and a targeted spread of wines that each served to explain the Pinot story. It seems that the crowd liked all of the wines as there was a pretty even sales split across countries, producers and price points.

The mystery wine had people talking so we’ll definitely be incorporating that into our next event, maybe even two! Congrats to the winners of the Magnums that we gave away.

In my down time since #Sneakypinot (26 days), I’ve been sticking my head into every single wine event that I can and based on these, truly believe that you don’t need to have 100000 wines in a room to provide a great experience, I feel that a more targeted approach for the Unfiltered ‘themed’ tastings is exactly the kind of thing we want to be doing moving forward.

Conversely, for events with less direction provided by us and a greater spread of wines, we think that making the tastings short and sharp will mean that our attendees will actively seek out wines/wineries of interest and create their own agenda.

With that in mind, Trade Pass is almost upon us. Our first distributor event! Your very own chance to attend the exact same style of tasting that Perth’s top hospitality professionals are invited to.

This event is firmly in the ‘create your own agenda’ category. We’re bringing you excess of 140 wines from some of the best producers in the nation through our mates at Red and White and Mezzanine.

Furthermore, each Unfiltered attendee gets their very own Plumm vintage wine glass to take home after the event.

Jay from Old Bridge Cellars will be there to provide wise cracks and crazy pricing on all of the wines so those in need of a cellar-restock will be well looked after.

Finally, Rowey, Crawfs, our Pseudo-Canadian mate Zach (Sparkling Soiree and #Sneakypinot) and our very own British expat Tony (#Sneakypinot) will be roaming around throughout the night to talk booze and help out with any wine related queries that people may have.

There’s exactly 30 tickets remaining after having only been on sale for a week which leads me to believe that this will be the fastest sell out of one of our events to date.  You can grab one of the final tickets here.

Looking forward to seeing you there